Jueves 25 Mayo - 22:00

Sean bienvenidas y bienvenidos: “Second Two: Chapter Home” supone el tercer y último capítulo de la colección de grabaciones comenzada por “Home: Chapter One” (2011) y “Home Was A Chapter Twenty Six” (2014). Un total de 9 canciones mezcladas y masterizadas por Matt Pence (Midlake, Centro-matic, John Grant…) en Denton, Texas, que juegan a recorrer las diferentes etapas de la historia de la banda, ofreciendo siempre la dinámica cambiante esencial que Seward usa como firma desde su primer día. — Be welcome: “Second Two: Chapter Home” is the third and last chapter of the collection of recordings started with “Home: Chapter One” (2011) and “Home Was A Chapter Twenty Six” (2014). Nine songs delightfully mixed and mastered by their long time friend and producer Matt Pence (Midlake, Centro-matic, John Grant…) in Denton, Texas. Nine pieces offering to the unknown ears the most different ages of the band, always truly compromised with this unique, mind-blowing and essentially mutant machinery of dynamics full of life that Seward uses as their own signature since the very first day.